Safe Gaming Practices

At, we view online gaming as a form of pleasurable and engaging recreation. While the majority of players gamble within their means and relish their time spent at the casino, however, it can escalate out of hand for some people. Being a responsible gambling vendor, we always advocate safer gambling, to ensure a secure and enjoyable environment for our esteemed players.

This page addresses the steps which are in place intending to be beneficial towards you—should you have any issues or questions that aren’t addressed here feel free to connect with our Customer Support team who will be willing to help.

Ten Rules for Safer Gambling

Keep these pointers in mind:

  1. Gamble essentially for entertainment.
  2. Consider money lost as your recreational expense while treat winnings as an added gift.
  3. Time-bound your play—quit playing when the set time lapses regardless of whether you’re winning or losing.
  4. Stick-to-budget strategy—determine what losses are affordable beforehand.
  5. Expect loss—it’s part-and-parcel of gaming.
  6. Recognise signs of problem gambling—it’s crucial in early prevention.
  7. Never borrow money to gamble—as a rule avoid playing on credit
  8. Ensure gaming doesn’t substitute other aspects of life including friends, family, business etc.,
  9. Avoid recovery play—the more efforts chasing after previous loses might result in larger losses down-line,
  10. Refer back rules regularly–use these guidelines rectify your gaming preferences/ habits if necessitated thereafter

Safer Gambling: Self-check

Asking yourself following:

  • Is gaming intruding upon work-related duties?
  • Is gambled amount exceeding available spending limits?
  • Have ever sold belongings or borrowed funds primarily aiming game-play?
  • Are former losses meant for recovery?
  • Higher betting required for same level of euphoria like earlier?
  • Trying to overcome addictive habit through gaming after-effects staring you in face already?
  • Alcohol/Substance influenced play taking course frequently?
  • Gambling deployed as a medium escaping issues or boredom?
  • Has gaming led to health concern including stress/anxiety etc.?
  • Financial dilemmas on horizon post gambling-spree personally/family-wise

Indicative problem-gaming scenario arise if “yes” is answer all attributes outlined above.

Take this seriously and seek assistance if problems arising predominantly due this habit. Reach out following organisation listed here:

Alternatively, check out the self-assessment test made simple by GamCare here.

Safeguarding Minors

Our policy doesn’t allow any under-aged individual (falling short 18 years) either getting registered/placing bets in our casino.

Some precautionary steps envisaged herein:

  • Avoid leaving person<18 near your device logged into casino website.
  • Never share vital banking-details with anyone less-than 18.
  • Don’t select ‘Save Password’ feature when logging into
  • Create distinctive profiles per user on your computer system.
  • Child-Protection Software must be deployed prevent minor-access to unsuitable sites akin casinos/gambling arena’s online like Cyberpatrol, Net Nanny or CYBERsitter should be implemented promptly,

In event minor-age being revealed under someone’s name using our site immediately report it us via: [email protected],

Accounts detected underage essentially get closed while accumulated winning stands forfeited.

Staff Training has worked conscientiously to create an environment that fosters safe gambling habits, coupled with robust measures to prevent problem gambling. The platform empowers its personnel by providing training on identifying signs of problematic gambling and taking prompt action for the protection of all member interests.’s suite of moderation tools includes account limits, time-outs, self-exclusion timelines, 24/7 available support services and account management aids. The website also provides quick access links to safe-gambling organizations as a part of its commitment towards safer gambling practices.

Gambling Control

To facilitate greater control over personal spending on the site, offers easily-implemented strategies such as variable deposit control set up with support from their dedicated customer service team. These controls can be modified at any point upon request and are applicable across all Mansion-owned brands where they are invoked.

However, users must be mindful that lowering limit is instant while increasing necessitates cooling-off period spanning 24 hours before actual implementation.

Players experiencing difficulties have several helpful options; including shutting down or restricting access through ‘Level 1-Controlling Access’, either temporarily (time-out ranging from mere 24 hours to six weeks) or long term via ‘Level 2 – For Problem Gambling’ which permits self-exclusion periods stretching between six months up-to five years. In this scenario players receive necessary support along with regular update on responsible gaming practices during suspension tenure.

Post-completion of these prescribed timeouts/self-exclusions schedule clients need reestablishing direct contact for approval resuming gameplay after full-day cooling off period absorbed in effect; ensuring excessive propensity towards betting is curbed besides encouraging healthier gaming behaviour stance meanwhile refraining setting alternate accounts during this phase.


One powerful tool provided by is ‘Time-Latch’, an alert system prompting players after every two hours into their sessions asking whether they want continue or pause play offering seamless control over taken course .

In case any anomalies sighted encountering problems while logging in, setting limits or noticeable disruption of services users advised to contact Customer Service immediately.

Assistance can be availed 24/7 over channels like UK Freephone (0808 238 6049) and International Line (+350 200 44793) or ‘Contact Us‘ link on the website ensuring their quest for safe gambling never falters.